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Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness is one of the eight dimensions of the wellness formula. All are important factors on our journey to total body wellness. However, spiritual wellness has for long been gaining traction. Its contribution to mental health and well-being is well-known. It’s also closely linked with two other dimensions—social wellness and emotional wellness because of the strength it brings to our social relations and the emotional calm it renders to our daily lives.

What is Spiritual Wellness?

Spiritual wellness is the deepest form of self-reflection. It’s about connecting with the real person within so we can live our lives contentedly, and according to what we truly believe and value, while being compassionate to ourselves and to those around us. Spiritual wellness is only possible with honest self-reflection. There can be no room for pretense or subterfuge if we want to become better versions of ourselves.

Ultimately, the spiritual wellness journey will give us the inner strength and calm to deal with whatever life throws at us. We have greater clarity and vision, and our choices and resolutions are easier for it. With this type of wellness in motion, we are more relaxed, positive and happy.

How do I achieve spiritual wellness?

There are a number of routes to spiritual wellness other than that of divine wellness, as some would have you believe. It depends on what’s right for you. Here are some wellness activities you can incorporate into your wellness program.


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